Your wedding day will flash past so quickly; a whirl of excitement and emotion and something you will want to last forever. All too soon it's over, and you hope and pray that your photographer has captured every precious moment. This is why couples choose Luminex Wedding Photography...


About our Wedding Photography

Here at Luminex we love what we do, and want to share this excitement with you. Let's show you some albums, discuss what your vision is for your wedding, and see if we can work together to create something really special.

Before every wedding, we always offer a complimentary 'engagement' shoot. We take you out for a few hours, get to know you, shoot some fabulous images and generally have a great time. This means that on the day of your wedding, we're not strangers, and the photographs are so much better - we capture the real you.

We offer a premium service, and we deliver the very best. Quality and originality are things of value, and we price our packages accordingly. Please visit the Pricing page for more detailed information on our packages which can be customised to your individual taste.